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When it comes to multifamily investing, Chasseur Realty Investors, LLC, has an unparalleled track record of superior performance!  The chart below shows the same store NOI increases which have been achieved at portfolios directed by Robert M. Dominy dating back to 1995.  Since the 1980’s, Chasseur’s senior management have directed activities at 40,000 units, from Boston to Sarasota, and from Virginia Beach to Houston, Texas, including virtually every major market east of the Mississippi.  We invite comparisons with the financial performance of any other real estate investment company, both large and small!

Historical Same Store NOI Increases

Year Increases Comments
1995 15.5% 10,000 Unit Mid-Atlantic Portfolio
1996 10.6% 4,500 Unit East Coast Portfolio
1997 14.1% 4,500 Unit East Coast Portfolio
1998 NA Split Year, Two different companies
1999 25.4% 3,300 East Coast Portfolio
2000 4.2% 4,000 East Coast U.S. Portfolio
2001 4.6% 5,000 Eastern U.S.Portfolio
2002 7.4% 6,000 Eastern U.S.Portfolio
2003 4.4% 7,000 Eastern U.S.Portfolio
2004 3.5% 8,000 Eastern U.S.Portfolio
2005 7.8% 9,000 Eastern U.S.Portfolio
2006 4.4% 10,000 Unit Eastern U.S. Portfolio
2007 6.3% 11,000 Unit Eastern U.S. Portfolio
2008 -2.4% 12,300 Unit Eastern U.S. Portfolio
2009 NA Split Year, Two different companies
2010 10.6% Privately Held Eastern U.S. Portfolio
2011 10.5% Privately Held Eastern U.S. Portfolio
2012 11.3% Privately Held Eastern U.S. Portfolio
2014 17.6% Asset managed portfolio in AL and GA
2015 11.2% Asset managed portfolio in AL and GA
2016 2.2% Asset managed portfolio in AL and GA
2017 18.7% Chasseur owned same store increase
2018 14.7% Chasseur owned same store increase
Avg. 8.8%


Renovations and Rehabilitation

As a value add investor, Chasseur seeks investments which are in need of a significant turnaround effort, some of which we expect will be achieved through superior Chasseur management, and the remainder of which will be achieved through extensive physical renovation of the property.  For over 30 years, Chasseur’s management team has been constantly involved in major renovation projects while working for various organizations.  In many years, we managed as much as $10,000,000 in capital improvements in a single year.  We have done major renovation projects in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky; Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida; in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia; in Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Rocky Mount, North Carolina; and in Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina, just to name a few!

Our Commitment to Our Employees

Here at Chasseur, we are committed to accountability.  We hold ourselves and all of our employees to be accountable for all areas of operations and acquisitions which they undertake.
We are also committed to hiring the “best and brightest!”  We actively recruit at top colleges and universities throughout the South, seeking top graduates who have the skills to succeed and the desire to pursue success relentlessly.
We are further committed to having a strong incentive system.  We believe that our employees should benefit as their property prospers, and as Chasseur and our investors profit.  We believe in having everyone’s interests aligned.  And we love celebrating our victories, of which we anticipate many, with a company cruise aboard Chasseur on the Chesapeake!
We further believe that one of the most effective ways to motivate employees to perform in their present capacity and to remain loyal to Chasseur over the years is to promote from within.  Over the past twenty years, Chasseur management has promoted numerous employees from within to higher positions of authority and satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Our Customer

Finally, we are committed to doing all within reason to achieve the satisfaction of the residents who reside at our communities.  We recognize that they are the ones who make the success of Chasseur possible, and we are constantly striving to improve our daily performance at each community.


Chasseur Realty Investors, LLC benefits from a management team with extensive acquisitions experience dating back to 1982 with the acquisition of two high rise buildings in Philadelphia.  Since those early days, our team has been heavily involved in the acquisition of multifamily communities in virtually every major and in many second tier markets east of the Mississippi, in the state of Texas, and in Phoenix, Arizona.
We prefer value add assets which most likely will be of the vintage from 1980 to 1995, although this range is somewhat flexible.  We place a heavy emphasis upon location, and seek “C” assets in “B” neighborhoods, and “B” assets in “A” neighborhoods.  We also place heavy emphasis upon site plan, and prefer communities which afford us with the opportunity to add value through the beautification of the exterior, where frequently the greatest value can be added at the lowest cost.  Chasseur tends to shy away from “Gateway” markets, but we do invest in first and second tier markets.  We prefer communities of 100 units up to over 1,000 units, and have previously managed communities as large as 2,900 units in a single site.  We will also consider portfolios.  Our typical hold period is five to seven years, but we have investors seeking an indefinite hold.  And in some cases, we have the capability to close very quickly as a result of our relationships with five equity partners.